1. OCD Wardrobe Department. via @petapixel and shot by Candice Milon I’m always a McFly kinda guy

  2. Maneater

  3. Lost Olympic sports (recreated by fashion models). Topical. via @Nowness

  4. Everything in the world should be made with this much care. Leica M9-P camera construction - more interesting than it sounds.

  5. This is just cool - The World’s Smallest Police Chase from The Theory. Projection mapping, micro projectors and explosions.

    (Source: thetheory.co.uk)

  6. “I’ve got a little bit of rum in me now…” Bill Murray talks #MoonriseKingdom

  7. The Raid, but with clay cats instead of Indonesian gangsters. Extremely violent and with spoilers via @itsnicethat

    (Source: itsnicethat.com)

  8. Some Friday music and a great promo - Grimes ‘Oblivion’

  9. First good ad, in like forever - The Guardian “3 Little Pigs”

  10. Slow burn for Prometheus continues…

  11. The last record shop in Teeside - SOUND IT OUT - A documentary by Jeanie Finlay

  12. UNKLE – ANOTHER NIGHT OUT dir: Toby Dye @ Black Dog Films

  13. God Bless America