1. A short film exploring my take on the word ‘courage’. from Miriam Abrahams

  2. Visual Signatures #2: Wes Anderson & the Overhead Shot

  3. Visual Signatures: Kubrick & 1-Point Perspective.

  4. This is cool - a physical representation of soundcloud for Benga,  by Academy directors Us

    (Source: promonews.tv)

  5. Nice in-camera VFX for The Boss by Alex Emslie

  6. Disturbingly wonderful, but mostly just disturbing. Yellow Belly End by Philip Bacon

  7. nice video - Roman Ruins // Wildflower by LAND O’ GOSHEN

  8. have you heard about the internet?

  9. Beard Punch. Guess I’d better shave.

  10. Troll Slayer - screen printing comes to live in French electro fairy story. Lovely stuff.

  11. 2col


    Grandma’s tips.

    (Source: perfectmisteaks)

  12. The Reformed Troglodyte

  13. I heart Polish film posters. more here: freedomonthefence.com

  14. Dancing Feet. Le Matos “88mph” by LE MATOS

  15. Radio Soulwax: first it was the coolest music App now they’ve got an awesome vimeo channel.

    (via vimeo)